Jewish Sacred Dance
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This Jewish Sacred Dance set contains an audio tape and dance manual of fourteen dances.

Many of my friends came together to help me on this audio tape. Although they are not professional singers their spirit comes through loud and clear. Listening to the tape is a wonderful way to learn the dance songs. Besides the audio tape this set also contains a dance manual in which you will find the dance steps for each dance as well as and the musical notation and words for all fourteen dances.

These melodies are from many renowned song writers including Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Rabbi Shefa Gold, and Debbie Friedman.

I see this Jewish Sacred Dance set as a do-it-yourself kit for leading sacred dance in your community.


Yah Akhat Yah Ekhad
A Good Week
Pikhu Li
Sheviti Hashem
Sweet Surrender
Like A Tree
Barukh Shem K'vod
In Your Light
L'khi Lakh
Am Yisrael Khai
Angelic Blessing

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