Jewish Sacred Dance
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Jewish Dances for Adults

Jewish Sacred Dance — These dances are so great at building Kavannah (intention). In a service I often do two or three right before the sh’ma to bring the group together and to deepen our prayer. As one participant at a Rosh Hashanah service said, “This was the most holy sh’ma of my life.”

An artist who was a participant at a Yom kippur service at which I led a partner dance said that she was so entranced by the beauty she saw in each face, that she was inspired to change the focus of her painting from still lives to faces.

I also lead sacred dance after a Havdalah service as a way to enter the new week with joy and connection to holiness. Besides incorporating sacred dance into Shabbat and holiday observances I sometimes hold sessions of sacred dance just because the dances are wonderful to share with a group of people and bring much needed such peace and love to the dancers and the planet.

The Jewish Sacred Dance set will provide you with the materials that you need to bring joy, peace and connection to your community.


Yah Akhat
It Is Perfect
Listen to the Voice Within
Va’asuli Mikdash
Eagle Wings
Sheviti Hashem
Elohai Neshama
Awaken Arise
Ahava Raba - We Are Loved
Angelic Blessing
Ya’aseh Shalom
Sweet Surrender
Sukkat Shalom
A Good Week