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It's Seder Time!

ďItís Seder TimeĒ In this book my preschoolers prepare for all of the rituals of a Passover seder including making matzah, charoset, and filling both Elijah and Miriamís cups. They also act out parts of the Passover story- rescuing baby Moses, jumping like a plague of frogs, crossing the Red Sea, and dancing like Prophetess Miriam. The children use masks in their story telling to add to the fun. Directions on how to make these masks are included at the end of the book. 

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Praise for It's Seder Time!

"In both concept and execution, it's Seder Time! joins it predecessors as an outstanding addition to the small but growing collection of good books for the young Jewish child." ó AJL Newsletter

"...Truly a fun photo essay for children and parents alike." ó Cleveland Jewish News

It's Seder Time!
It's Seder Time!