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It's Challah Time!

“It’s Challah Time” This is the book that began the series! In the original manuscript of this book Tod (the photographer) and I included a hidden Jewish object on each page. Some of those pages (and objects) made it to the final cut. See if you and your preschoolers can find- a Torah, shofar, dreidle, three matzot, seder plate, and yad. The recipe for this whole wheat challah which the children are making is included at the end of the book. It is easy and delicious!!

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Praise for It's Challah Time!

"What a delight!... a perfect Shabbat book for the preschool crowd!" AJL Newsletter

"What Kropf's book does best is show children contributing to the weekly preparations and having fun at the same time." Booklist

It's Challah Time!